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Forms of Comfort

The new “Zen Hotel Versilia” stands out for its simple forms and the formal harmony that exists between its exteriors and interiors. Decidedly contemporary in style, this brand new hotel is sometimes symmetrical and sometimes differentiated by a variety of practical and comfort-related requirements, whilst always characterised by a single overall design.

All the rooms have been created to help guests unwind and focus on their own well-being. They are characterised by their sophisticated and elegant sobriety, with ethnic style furnishings and beautiful marble. This new “style de vivre” is completed by a scenic terrace, exposed to a gentle sea breeze and enhanced by tropical plants.

The hotel offers complete disabled-access and facilities throughout: finally a truly “accessible” hotel. In the view of Zen Hotel Versilia, an architectural barrier is anything in a building that prevents a person from carrying out an action, inasmuch as it is not suited to his or her physical, mental and sensory capacities. All designed products can be architectural barriers in certain conditions: objects, furnishings and architectural components, and even the spacing and positioning of buildings. This is what led to the birth of the “Zen Hotel Versilia” concept; a concept of a built environment that offers all guests the same opportunities, through a wide range of solutions, so as not to exclude anyone from using an object or a space. Every floor of the hotel houses a bedroom and a suite with bathrooms built with specific spatial features, so that the bathroom fittings and fixtures can be used by anyone.

Particular attention has been paid to the choice of modern and sophisticated installations, offering guests full control of the microclimate in each individual room.

There are versatile and diversified bathrooms for every room or suite: some designed to be authentic “areas of wellbeing”.

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