Pietrasanta 2
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Pietrasanta is a small town that boasts of considerable historical, artistic and cultural importance. It is there where Michelangelo carved some of his works. Is not a coincidence if even today, near the Longobard fortress and around the Piazza del Duomo, you can meat various ateliers of marble artists and numerous studios of sculpture in which artists of all nationalities work, giving the town the nickname of “Little Athens”.

If you visit Pietrasanta during the summer season you will have the possibility to attend some characteristic personal exposition sitting for an aperitif or dining in the cool in one of the many small restaurants that create a very special atmosphere. Other celebrities have visited Pietrasanta, among them Henry Moore, Mitoraj and Botero, who were so positively impressed to fall in love with it, leaving as a gift to the city some works that can be admired walking through the narrow streets of the historic center or inside the famous museum of sketches.

If you love local craft items and tradition, you can decide to participate in workshop where you will be taught how to work the marble, to create small statues and mosaics. In an artistic foundry you will learn the various stages of creation, clay modelling the creation of negative form in plaster or wax and its positive, until melting.